Away We Go

Have you ever found a movie that both warms and breaks your heart? Or one that you find so wholesome and simple you relate instantly? How about a film that you will always suggest to every friend? Have you ever read a blog post with an entire paragraph of questions?

Sometimes the adventure is trying to find a home. Yes, perhaps home is where the heart is. But there’s nothing wrong with finding a better home to bring another heart into. Away We Go has hit me in a sentimental spot. I’ve always been fascinated with the art of dialogue but more importantly the depths and life fulfillment of being in a loving life changing relationship. We all want it, love I mean. But the manner in achieving it and keeping it is so vastly different from any other person. Nor will love hit you in any planned or preconceived notion. I’ve always firmly believed falling in love with someone will come at the worst time: when you don’t want it to happen. (Not to say that you’re never open to it, but let’s face it. We all have life plans.) But Away We Go isn’t about two people falling in love, we’re now into the adventures and trials of love.

This movie sort of highlights why people should want to fall in love, and John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph bring to it to life subtly yet vividly. Along with a great supporting cast of absurd and emotionally driven characters, John and Maya prove every mile they travel across the country is worth it as long as you have each other. Whatever a successful movie needs, Away We Go has it. Laughs, tears, creating your desire to care for the characters, an amazing story arch….it’s all in there. But if I’m being too vague about the movie let me fill you in on some details. They get pregnant. Their reason for living where they were has left. So they travel the country meeting old friends and family trying to find the right city for them to live in and bring a baby into. It’s a road movie. And the only glue holding them together is themselves. It’s their effort, their care for one another, their desire to be happy together in a happy home that drives this movie.

There exists a list of movies that can get me to tear up. It’s short but it exists. Most of these stories I just care for very much. But a few reach out at me and grab my attention. Away We Go was one.


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