Mad Men in a Mad World

Mad Men is on Netflix instant everybody! Watch it! Watch it now!

I’ve just started the 4th season and I can tell you it’s brilliant. I couldn’t tell if I wanted to watch this show when it debuted a few years back. But having the ability to watch several in one day shows you how great the script really is. John Hamm, a hilarious guy. I love watching him host SNL and break into the comedy movie world. But being Don Draper is such a different role. Don Draper is the 1960’s dramatic version of Barney Stinson. (Awesome comparison, right?) It’s so easy to get sucked up in this sexist, alcoholic, chain smoking, racist facade of a world. Everything is hidden behind what’s socially acceptable in JFK’s era of upper class. And I can tell you right here right now, some of my favorite dramatic scripts are when things go unsaid. It’s my style of writing as well. Simple. What you’re really supposed to be “listening” too is the characters facial expressions and their emotional body language to each incident as it occurs. And because Mad Men’s stories follow that guideline, the script seems more witty and debonair.

Sometimes you don’t want a show that you can relate too. You want to be swept into a fantasy world. Mad Men’s production is astounding. You can’t imagine all of the little things they would have to go through for each set to ensure early 1960s. The women are beautiful. The men flex every muscle they have to reach the top of the food chain. It’s awesome. Congratulations Mad Men on all of your deserved Emmys and the ones still to come.

Some of the biggest stars to come out of this show are January Jones, as Betty Draper, and Christina Hendricks, as Joan Holloway. Christina Hendricks is expanding her filmography with Ryan Gosling soon. (Sweeeeeet). And January Jones played Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. She looked great. But there’s one thing that’s bothering me. Granted, I did watch X-Men before Mad Men so I need to re-watch it and give her some more of my focus. But I didn’t like Jones as Frost. Sure, she has the same physical appeal and she may have been an easy choice since the movie and the show are in the same time period. But Jones is such a soft actress. Mad Men stiffs her up with some well written lines but Emma Frost is supposed to be tenacious and manipulative. Not a lackey to Kevin Bacon.

But back to Mad Men, the show almost always keeps my attention. The only time I stop paying attention is when I focus too hard on the characters. (I blame their success on that fact. The characters make the show what it is.) And I zone out thinking, if this show were real…where would these characters be today? Most likely they would be dead because of the excessive smoking and drinking. But still, a fun question to ask.


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