Here we go. Yet another “Indie” movie. Ha! Got you! False pessimism! I love “Indie” movies! As long as they’re done well. So here we go. Yet another “Indie” movie…

Happythankyoumoreplease is first and foremost Josh Radnor’s brain child. He is the Leading Actor, Director, and Screenwriter. (Long way from How I Met Your Mother.) But I love this genre. It tends to walk on the realistic side of Hollywood. My first statement and you’re already criticizing me? Let me explain. You’re right. By definition independent movies have little to do with Hollywood. However, with each passing year more and more Hollywood actors gravitate into this genre of film. And as a result these movies get larger budgets. So the clear line between LA and Sundance has become…well, clear. Might as well be invisible.

Back to what I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me! Walking on the realistic side allows us to create a more genuine connection with the movie as independent pieces are a simmered reflection of everyday life. These qualities make this genre my main inspiration for my own stories. They’re simple while still requiring the audience to commit more of themselves to the story.

Overall, I think Josh did a great job. Especially for his first film and being a triple threat. And the cast he rounded up is spectacular…for this story. There were moments where I could easily pick up on Josh Radnor’s transition from TV acting into film. I enjoyed them. It hints at how much more he might have sitting in his acting water well. And Kate Mara! A great choice to compete for screen attention against Josh. Malin Akerman and Tony Hale had their own tale to tell. And I do have to say, Tony Hale was my favorite by far in this movie. But in the end, I think this movie fell short.

It was a perfect choice for a NYC setting. Because as always, New York is its own character.  And the script itself was charming. All the “Indie” music was there. But there was something off. The cinematography was great from shot to shot but as a scene it had some rough edges. And from scene to scene it was jumpy. I think that by itself distracted me from the movie for at least the first 20 minutes or so. After a while the storytelling settled down and brought the characters to light. But every once in a while it stuck its nose in and pulled me out of what was happening. The epiphany moments did work at the end of the bridge (I like to vision a movie in song structure instead of Act I, II, III and so on) and that by itself was a worthy apology for what I didn’t enjoy.

I know after such a long post you would hope for a better conclusion, but what can I say? Happythankyoumoreplease was an okay movie. I don’t regret watching it but I could have found something better.


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