Captain America: The First Avenger

You’re probably sitting there in your business suit looking for something other than work to do. Or maybe you’re home and in the act of clicking on my blog you left Cheeto fingers all over your mouse. Whatever the reason, here you are. And here’s my Captain America story, with a little bit of me in the mix.

My girlfriend and I think there’s something special going on. And by something, I mean between her finger tips and my cheek when she reaches up to kiss my lips. Unfortunately for me she’s a special education teacher in Oklahoma City while I find my way in Dallas. But this weekend is Labor Day weekend, and like her students she’s taking the weekend to rid her mind of schoolwork and stress. So she came to Dallas to see me. (And her family, but I’m going to be self-centered for this post.) We had one big thing on our agenda this weekend: to see Captain America. Now you may be asking “Why now? It’s been out for almost 2 months!” And I would have to respond “Tobias Fünke would have loved to get a role in The Smurfs.” What? Not an appropriate response? It got you to shut up didn’t it?

Anyway, through a long back story of past girlfriends not understanding what a movie date means to me…this girlfriend gets it. I made her promise that she wouldn’t see Captain America without me. And today we finally made it. I was already shaking her leg in excitement during the fade in. I love comics and I love movies. And there we were watching them wipe away 70 years of snow off of his iconic shield. The little boy inside me was peeing his pants. But the mature adult in me squeezed her knee the entire scene. It was a great movie. This is probably the first movie that the corny superhero jokes worked for me. You just can’t successfully tell the Captain America story without it being corny. But it was all tastefully done. And epically, might I add.

The largest struggle for comic-to-movie stories is the translation of super geek sci-fi into the 21st Century American (and the world) audience. Captain America was easy to follow, but afterwards I still had to explain a few things to her. She’s a geek too. She loves the superhero stories. The fighting, the self sacrifice, and not to mention the biceps and abs thrown around. But I agreed with her, the intertwining of a Captain America WWII plot and brief stories of Odin probably had most confused. So here it is put as simply as possible without ruining anything. You have to watch Thor to understand the technology Red Skull uses against the allies. If you think about it, it was inevitable. The closer we get to The Avengers the more plots that are going to stretch from one character to another. One year my friends. One year.

My girlfriend and I needed this weekend. I needed those moments where she threw her arm through mine and laid her head on my shoulder. We needed the corny. We needed Captain America.


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