Extraordinary Measures

In a recent post, I was getting excited for Harrison Ford in some less action-ey roles. I’m sad to say, Extraordinary Measures is not so extra but quite ordinary.

I’m going to sum up this box office disappointment really quick. Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell, and Harrison Ford. Based on a true story, Fraser and Russell have 2 kids with Pompe Disease. Ford is a genius researcher looking for a cure. They team up. Bing bang bong, there you go. What you really need to know is that this movie is an awareness movie. Don’t sigh. They have their purpose. Just look at Rent and what that broadway did for AIDS awareness. Extraordinary Measures does what it needs to for Pompe Disease. To fill you in, Pompe Disease is a genetic disease mutating the cells prohibiting the body to do what it needs to do. Biggest symptoms are muscular weakness and enlargement of certain organs including the heart and liver. I’m not a doctor so forgive my lack of medical terms, but it’s bad. It depends on onset, but life expectancy isn’t good. If your interested in the real John Crowley and all the efforts he put forth depicted in Extraordinary Measures or you’d like to donate your money to a worthy casuse, go to www.crowleyfamily5.com.

Now about what I know, the quality of the film. I couldn’t quite figure out why Harrison Ford agreed to do this movie. I have nothing against Brendan Fraser and I think Keri Russell is a tad underrated. But they’re both second level actors. Then I saw the credits, big Harry here was an Executive Producer. He must have another unseen level of commitment to Extraordinary Measures. And the finished product? Eh. It has everything a movie needs to be good. A story. A cause. Big hearted characters with their own flaws. (Yeah, I can rhyme. What of it?) But it wasn’t great. The entire story was a stacked deck trying to get your heart crying for these kids. But as optimistic as I can be…it was a well rounded movie. Nothing more. It’s most definitely not something to watch for a movie night. To be honest, if you’ve already done what your capable of as far as donating to a great cause…don’t waste your time here.

You may be asking why I took the time to watch it. Well, I’m a cinephile. And you’re most likely a casual movie watcher looking for a piece of entertainment. Something for a date night or something to discuss around the water cooler the next day. If that search has brought you here, I shall supply you with an amazing suggestion. Mad Men is on instant demand on Netflix. I’ve already half crapped my pants when I finished the first season. Go Mad Men, leave Extraordinary Measures behind. (There is no relation to Mad Men and this movie in any genre or themed fashion. But you can’t deny it’s a stupendous suggestion! Am I right? Am I right?)(…the correct answer is “yes”.)


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