Morning Glory, Recycled Story

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I like you. I really do. But sometimes I find you in these spots that I would place beneath your caliber. But I’m confident you’ll strike more gold soon enough.

Morning Glory is an extremely predictable story. As the tendency is with female lead movies. No offense girls! That’s just the way the penny drops. You might call tails hoping for a 50/50 shot, but I need a prop to put on my eyes when I pretend to be dead. It’s my penny now. And Morning Glory deserved better. Rachel McAdams, you were great. They wanted someone who could play frazzled and poised in one script. They wanted a beautiful face to look less-so when you’re supposed to be over worked. They wanted a strong women who can fight for her own way but still be the slightest bit willing to be saved by some guy with biceps. You played a stereotype. The script was a stereotype. But I was still willing to watch you till the end.

And now we get to the real reason why I’m telling you about Morning Glory! All right, show of hands. Who loves Harrison Ford? One, two…okay guys. Either you’re lying or I’ve only counted my own hands. Harrison Ford is his own chapter in film history. And it’s still being written! Harrison, you’re a great guy and an awesome actor. I loved you in every action movie ever. But you’re getting older. You still have the acting nads, play more of the deeper dark characters! Not that Morning Glory has any “dark” characters, but Harrison Ford is the depth to this movie. Screw the love story. Give big Harry here more to do.

Overall, I was bored. There were some Hollywood shots of romance and finding self worth. But otherwise, it was a Ping Pong game of interesting to drab camera angles and ideas. But if you want to see a glimpse of the guy who should advertise his own brand of Touch Of Gray, check out Morning Glory.


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