Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks kind of became a hidden comedy of 2010. I agree, the commercials made it seem like another stupid absurd comedy reaching for a laugh. Almost like this movie would be the short reaching victim kid stuck in a keep-away game. But even the biggest actors aren’t in the biggest movies. To that I say, who cares? There are just some acting careers you like following no matter what they choose to do next.

Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, Jemaine Clement, and Kristen Schaal are the biggest names in this little diddy. And if that isn’t enough of an enticement, try this on over your britches. The director is a very loose guy allowing a large cast of comedians from around the world improvise their character’s comedy. AWESOME RIGHT? (I could be biased since I am a performer/student of improvisational comedy. But so was Steve Carell!)(Among many many other famous actors.)(This third set of parentheses is just for fun.)

After the credits started rolling, I sat comfortably in my bed trying to ignore how sore and tired I was from the previous day of intense paintball in a Texas record heat wave and a large bachelor party. I came to a conclusion. I need to sleep more. And the Paul Rudd-Steve Carell movie team duo still works. It’s a funny movie. Carell gets himself into these big hearted annoying characters that you want to see succeed and be happy. And Rudd is a symbol for every guy who thinks they’re too awkward for the outside world. No offense Rudd, but have you seen yourself in How Do You Know? I have. And you fit that role for the American public. No make me laugh, slave!

And the rest of the cast I mentioned? I love you all. Zach, you’re one of a kind. Jemaine, where’s Bret? Two New Zealand accents are better than one. Kristen, not gonna lie…you’re one of those really cute comediennes and I like seeing you on screen. For all of you who I didn’t name in the movie? Screw you! Good job though.


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