Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ready for a cartoon from Nickelodeon tailored to anybody born before the 21st Century? Prepare yourselves. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a marvelous earthy series. The cartoon is heavily based on kung fu and thus the world exists in a basic time. No electricity. No television. No iPads. Like I said, prepare yourselves for an epic cartoon.

Four nations exist: Air Nomads, Water Tribe, Fire Nation, and the Earth Kingdom. And each have X number of citizens who can psychically control their respective element. With one exception. There is always an Avatar who can control all 4 elements and it’s their responsibility to keep peace among all nations and act as the bridge to the spirit world. Sound interesting yet? Here’s where it gets better. The new Avatar is an Air Nomad. When he’s 12 he runs away fearing his future responsibilities. In the process he becomes frozen in a sphere of ice deep in the arctic for 100 years. In that time the Fire Nation starts a war wanting to control everything. And their only hope lives in this 12 year old boy returning as the Avatar.

At this point, I would like to confess something. I haven’t seen James Cameron’s Avatar. And from every friend I have (who’s smart) they all say the same thing. Eye candy, stupid story. I make this statement. Avatar: The Last Airbender has a better story than Cameron’s Avatar. Uh….I don’t see Atlantis rising from the depths or all the beautiful women growing a snaggle tooth effectively ending the world as we know it. Seems the world agrees with my bold, yet true, statement. SUCK IT CAMERON!

Now there are two things I must say. 1) Sarah Palin is sexy. (Just checking to see if your paying attention.) Erhmm. 1) The cartoon series didn’t get cancelled or anything. This 3 season cartoon reads like a book. Each episode is a chapter. Each season is a Volume. And the story does climax and end. 2) Don’t see Shyamalan’s movie adaptation. I’ve seen it. I even read that the studios insistence to release it in 3-D forced the editing room to drop 20-30 min to save money. Ahh. Movie politics. But that’s another discussion…


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