Good going Sherlock! No, seriously.

Sherlock Holmes. A ladies man who can’t care less about the ladies. Except for the fact that he’s not suave at all. So really, he’s just a good looking a-hole who’s brilliant at solving crimes. Good enough for me!

With the success of Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s action-ey superstar Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson…the crime fighting duo not wearing tights has surfaced on the BBC. With one difference. It’s during modern times. Like with computers, and cell phones, and blogs, and things of that sort. But they successfully keep the tech out of the show as much as possible. Nobody wants to see The Italian Job Seth Green computer genius molded with Sherlock Holmes. However, that would make a good comedy. I’m sure my large blog fanbase will get this post to Seth Green. Right readers? Right?

The best thing about the show? It’s not on a typical TV budget and a typical TV time frame. The episodes are 90 minutes long and shot very cinematically. If they were shot like Bones or NCIS and went 90 minutes, I’ll personally call the BBC hotline to nag on them about the Revolutionary War…again. Am I right readers? Am I right? Right?

Now to more important things. What I think should be changed. You know how in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon found his equal in a woman? Amy Farrah Fowler is as smart and as obnoxious as the stupid Emmy winning character, Sheldon. Well, Sherlock needs a counterpart. Granted, I love seeing Watson and Holmes rid the world of brilliant crimes. But if Holmes had a sexy female counterpart, like McAdams was to RD Jr. (sorry, got tired of called him a fabric softener), the show would attract more viewers. Let’s get a pretty female face. You know what? Screw it all! Turn Sherlock and Watson into sexy females and throw in a mix of Charlie’s Angels kick-ass moves. Yeah. I have the best ideas. Am I right readers? Right readers? Right? …right?




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