The Switch-eroo (The “eroo” was my idea. Clever, yes?)

I loved The Switch. And see, this is the part where all of you turn your nose at me because I like a B+ chick flick. Why not like it? This is where I describe to you that a true film aficionado respects and gives everything a chance. For instance, even after the horrible reputation I sat down and watched Catwoman. Oh, I know it’s horrible. But I still sat through it so my opinion held merit. Not to mention, you recognize the better after you witness the worst. So chin up negative readers, you still have a chance to reach my level of thought. (Insert witty smirk.)

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. Two actors who I respect greatly and enjoy watching what they do best. And if you notice, both actors fall in my “Top 5 Favorite TV Shows…at the moment” list. Bateman represents the average good-looking guy who can be funny and get any where he wants with generosity and wit. Jennifer Aniston represents, to me, every woman that a guy is looking to fall for. Beautiful, smart, and a personality leaking smiles at every corner. And the story in the movie is told from Jason’s point of view! That’s right! Do the exclamation marks make it sound more exciting? It should! It’s nice to see a chick flick from the guys perspective, which inherently adds a bit of grit to the unrealistic premises you find in every other Hollywood rom-com. Like 27 Dresses or 50 First Dates or 10 Things I Hate About You with it’s stupid high school drama. Did you notice that all my examples started with numbers??? I didn’t till just now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to check out for a moment and stare at this picture.

………      …….         ……

That, my friends, is a good picture. Quality, classy, and still f-ing sexy. And you can still use those same descriptions for Jennifer Aniston! Wow! I’m on an accidental role today! What is going on?!?! Okay, okay. Let’s see if I can do it on purpose now. Erhmm hmm. Popsicles are like life, you just want to…be…licked….before you melt. With a stick…up your frozen ass. Dang. This is not a talent I can tap into. I give up. Enjoy the movie.


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