Top Gear (UK) is one more thing they do better than us.

There they are ladies and gentlemen. These 3 blundering middle aged men host BBC’s most esteemed program recognized world wide. Probably.

UK’s Top Gear is one of my favorite TV shows ever. And let me force feed you why. For men, this show is brilliant. Guys pop two different non-sexual boners for this show. One for the unscripted comedy that you can’t miss in their on-screen chemistry. And one for the absolutely gorgeous cars they drive and review. Hmm. Okay. I admit. The second boner might be a tad sexual. It is a God given instinct for guys to want to…let’s say go bumper-to-bumper with anything we find beautiful. (Pun!) And my god. You are not a man if you haven’t thought about leaving your dream woman for your dream car. That being said, you’re an idiot if you haven’t considered that you could have both.

These blokes have been all over the world putting themselves through crazy challenges. Several good examples would be that they are the first people to drive a vehicle to the North Pole as well as across…some desert in Africa. And when they’re at the studio they have the Stig. The Stig is indescribable and a wonder of nature. And from that vague description, you’ll have to tune in to find out yourself. TAKE SOME INITIATIVE! Because, let’s be honest, Europe spanks the states with quality cars.

These chaps have a man’s ideal job. Other than of course judging a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model showdown with the final level consisting of a jello shot kissing booth. But since you can’t find that on TV, turn over to BBC and wear a bib. Because you’ll be drooling over one of these soon enough. I know I did.


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