I’m gonna Leo DiCap his ass! (Gangs of New York)

First off, I wanna give my boy Leo a pat on the back for his parents giving him an awesome stage name. Second, lets talk about our favorite chapter in History class…The American Civil War! I meant that to be sarcastic because I hate the Civil War. Historically, sure it has significance. Conversationally, it’s mentally handicapped. (I wanted to be politically correct.) Who honestly cares? And if you just raised your hand, I’m going to call you another politically correct name.

Today we need a strong villain to hate. It’s the CIVIL WAR! WE ARE THE VILLAIN! Not to mention it’s just another war that is impossible to relate to in anyway whatsoever. Revolutionary War? We care because it’s just being patriotic. Which in essence means it gives us something to brag about over another country. WWI? Eh, it ties directly into the next war. WWII? We hear stories passed down. Nazis, Japs, and the Italians = great villains to hate. Civil War? Uhh…..you remember those hand signals Blackjack dealers give at the casino when they’re switching dealers? I do that to the Civil War.

What? Oh! The movie! Yes, great acting. Great production. Great directing thanks to Scorsese. Without spoilers, the ending blows. Tangent: Daniel Day-Lewis plays a very patriotic person here, and now he’s Spielberg’s Lincoln? Funny, no?


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