The Marvel World

The Marvel Universe. A place where we, as boring humans, can turn too and enjoy their epic world saving shenanigans. I just finished watching X-Men: Evolution, again, and the final sequence where Prof Xavier talks about the future gets to me. It gets me pumped that the X-Men world gets that much more large and in charge. But I can’t help and think…WHERE THE HELL ARE THE OTHER MARVEL CHARACTERS? We know they co-exist. Do they just not friend each other on Facebook?

And the villains is another story. Why would Dr. Doom only want to fight the Fantastic Four? If he wants to rule the world why not just slap Daredevil around a bit? It’s not like they help one another when the world is in danger. “What seems to be the problem Mr. President?” “We need your help Spider-Man! The Juggernaut and She-Hulk are doing the nasty in a missile silo. They accidentally launched a rocket at the moon!” “I’m sorry Mr. President, today’s the 17th. Let me get you Captain America’s number. You got a pen handy?”

Disney owns Marvel now. What the hell are we going to do when Red Skull is loose and it’s Mickey Mouse’s shift? My god. What if Mickey Mouse is busy? What other horrible replacement will he leave in his stead? Winnie the Pooh? Scrooge McDuck? Dumbo? I feel your pain Wolverine. I do. I really do.


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