Top 5 Favorite TV Shows…at the moment

I haven’t been able to come up with any sort of interesting topic of choice for this blog yet. So until that decision has been made, I’m going to spit out random shtuff.

Top 5 Favorite TV Shows of All Time in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!
(Subject to and probably will change whenever I feel like it)

1. Arrested Development
2. The Simpsons
3. Friends
4. Heroes (I would only suggest Season 1 to a friend)
5. Saturday Night Live

Arrested Development will always have those unique yet brilliantly combined characters all creating endless antics. Add Ron Howard’s narration and some clever writing…you just algebraically made yourself a right answer. The Simpsons and SNL are just f-ing funny. If you disagree I’m just going to point out how long they’ve been on the air. So suck it. As far as Friends goes, let me just say this: I’m tired of old fashioned sitcoms with one character and his world revolving around him. (Old fashioned meaning live studio audience and/or keeping that fourth wall.) Friends has 6 main characters with amazing on screen chemistry. Now on to Heroes. I’m a nerd. I love super-hero stories. Although I realize Heroes has a lot of pitfalls it’s still awesome to watch real life super powered beings. Now if animation could measure up to real human acting…Justice League hands down. I’m not gonna lie. I cried when Flash saved the world when the others couldn’t and almost died because of it.


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